What makes our Wedding Officiants so special?  Our warmth, personal service and attention to detail.  We have worked with couples from all different backgrounds, religions, cultures and beliefs. We honor all faiths, all people, and we believe that any two people who choose to dedicate their lives to one another in matrimony, deserve our complete respect and dedication in creating the most memorable wedding ceremony possible.  We invite you to contact us with any questions related to your upcoming nuptials and we will follow-up with you promptly.     

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Unity Ceremonies

The Unity Ceremony usually occurs after the exchange of the wedding rings and before the pronouncement of commitment. Here are a few ideas, but there are many more unity ceremonies to choose from!  

Sand Ceremony - The couple each pour different colored sand into one glass/vessel symbolizing how their lives have become intertwined.

Unity Candle - The couple each take a lit candle and simultaneously light a third larger "unity candle." They may blow out their individual lights, or leave them lit, symbolizing that they have not lost their individuality in their unity.

Tasting of the 4 Elements - The couple taste four flavors that represent different emotions (the highs and lows) within a relationship, typically sour, bitter, hot and sweet.

Jumping the Broom with a modern twist - An African-American tradition that has its roots in slavery times when slaves couldn't marry. Typically the family places the broom on the ground, and the couple jumps over it together. The broom can then decorate a place of honor in their home.

​​Wedding Services  


We are based in Bowie, MD, and proudly service our local areas in MD, DC and Northern, VA.  If your wedding wishes fall somewhere in between the packages listed below, we will quote you a price that more accurately reflects your needs and desires.  Contact us for a personalized quote.   

  • Classic Ceremony Package* - $340 - Includes: A fully customized wedding ceremony, unlimited phone or email consultations, written copy of your ceremony provided in advance for full review/approval until you are completely satisfied, arrival of Officiant 20 minutes prior to start of ceremony to briefly go over the processional details with bridal party, and signing/filing your marriage license (legally required). Travel expenses may apply.   *(Optional) - Additional $140 for Wedding Rehearsal attendance, same venue as wedding, different date, up to 1 hour,  (excluding holidays).

  • Vow Renewal/Military Discount Ceremony Package - $280 - Includes everything in the Classic Ceremony package, except rehearsal, and can take place on any day of the week.  Travel expenses may apply.

  • Signature Service (MD or DC only) - $100 - Includes: A two minute basic ceremony to make it legal, at an agreed upon public location in Bowie, MD or Washington, DC with couple only (no guests), and signing/filing your marriage license (legally required).  


50% non-refundable deposit is required with your contract in order to confirm your booking. 

Holiday Weddings - $100 will be added to the ceremony price for ceremonies taking place on major holidays, including Valentine's Day. 


  • ​​Proxy Service in DC (only) and does not include ceremony fee- Your Officiant will apply for and pick up marriage license for you ~ $145 (includes $45 marriage license application fee)

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